The Function of the Church

The church didn't start yesterday. Our forefathers used to meet in some holy places where they could do some praying to God. The only thing that has happened is that we've experiences a lot of evolution in the church. That is why in the current world people can incorporate a lot of things in praying and worshipping. Even with the technology within us, people still meet in churches at least once per week to praise God. The function of the church can therefore never be disputed. It is a fact that the church plays a great role in the Christian life. Some of the duties of the church are outlined below.

People go to church to worship God. The relationship of people with God can be private as well as public. While people can still worship God at home and even their offices, the word worship suggests that it should be done in public. It is also worth worshiping God in church The Potters House Virginia Beach  since, in church, there is less distraction. You can deeply communicate with God while in church.

You also need Christian Churches in Virginia Beach for spiritual discipline. The dedication to Gods words involves the heart, mind, and soul strength. When you go to church, you are likely to meet pastors whose role is to act as the ambassadors of Christ. These pastors will teach you how well you can maintain your spiritual discipline. You also interact with people who are disciplined and who observes Christ teaching. It's through this way that you can learn to respect Gods teaching as well as build the strong relationship with him.

The role of the church is also to instill the sense of discipleship in you. When you go to church and listen to Gods teaching, you'll realize that as a Christian, you must win more souls for Christ. Such kind of eager to be Gods ambassador to the world is difficult to achieve at home.

Church gives us the opportunity to fellowship with others. Fellowship means more than just interaction. It means the opportunity to share each other's burden and emotions, the opportunity to console and encourage one another. Such opportunity can only be conducted well in a church where Christians can quote encouraging bible verses just to win lost souls to God. Even the great apostles of the bible needed encouragement from others even though they had that strong faith in God.